Steve's Boot Scoot'n Kettle Corn


My Path to Kettle Corn

Culinary School had been a dream of mine for many years and I was excited about the prospects of working in a job that produced joy in the form of food as it’s end product! However, I soon realized that the high pace, high stress atmosphere wasn’t a match for me. Having cerebral palsy since birth has added a degree of challenge for me to pursue the career path I was excited about but I knew with hard work I would figure it out.


Steve Baidenmann, Owner Operator
Steve’s Boot Scoot’n Kettle Corn

During my Senior year in High School I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the Boot Scoot’n Kettle Corn business. After some discussion and planning, I jumped in and began to grow the business through expanding the markets we served as well as developing new and exciting flavors of popcorn.

Owning and operating a Kettle Corn business has been a tremendous blessing in my life. It has combined my love of food and cooking with a fun community atmosphere in the Farmers Market arena. I have to say when your office is at an open air market it makes work much easier.I look forward to continuing to serve the customers attending the Farmer’s Markets in the area as well as our new mail order customers across the country.