Steve's Boot Scoot'n Kettle Corn


Popcorn Flavor Menu

Sweet Kettle Popped

Kettle Corn: Our most popular flavor – a little salty and a little sweet.
Snicker Doodle:Kettle popped corn with a cinnamon sugar blast added during the popping process. Our customers say that when it’s popping, it smells like a cinnamon roll. Yum!

Savory Kettle Popped

Plain Jane:Light fluffy popcorn, nice and simple – nothing added.
Buttery:An 'improved' version of Cinima Popcorn.
Nacho Cheese:Nacho Cheddar blends fresh spices and real Cheddar Cheese.
Mild Jalapeno: Light kick of jalapeno flavor without the heat.
White Cheddar: White Cheddar delivers a smooth and creamy real cheese flavor with a tinge of tangy twist that tantalizes even the most refined taste buds.
Nacho Cheese:Nacho Cheddar blends fresh spices and real Cheddar Cheese.
Salt and Vinigar: A salty touch of popcorn with a tangy finish.
Parmesan Garlic: Parmesan and Garlic brings a delicious taste of Italy to your popcorn.

Candy Coated Popcorn

Bubble Gum:NEW! A tasty reminder of 'doubble bubble'
Tripple Threat:A sweet blend of Chocholate, Toffee and Peanut Butter for your enjoyment
Carmel Corn:Creamy & buttery carmel heated to hard crack stage and poured over fluffy popcorn.
Carmel Apple: A sweet crunchy version of a caramel apple.
Carnival corn: A candy coated fruit flavored colorful popcorn for kids of all ages. Each batch of Carnival Corn is unique and will include at least 3 fruit flavors.
Black Forest: A 50/50 mix of chocolate and cherry flavored popcorn.
Pumpkin Pie Spice: Seasonal flavor; uses butter, pumpkin spice and molasses to create a popular fall treat.